Kitchen Interior Trends for 2024

Kitchen Interior Trends for 2024

The kitchen tends to be the central meeting point in our homes so it is important to keep the interior updated. The atmosphere we create in our kitchen sets the tone for the day when we make our breakfast. It is also where most of us unwind at the end of the day to prepare dinner. Whilst following every new interior trend can be wasteful and unsustainable, we do like to talk about the trends that last. Using trends as inspiration for your interior can also be a great way to explore new ideas if you’re stuck for ideas. We’ve put together this blog with our favourite kitchen interior trends for 2024, we hope it inspires your New Year revamp!

More bold colours

2024 is the year that we see less greys and neutrals and more bright, bold colour schemes. It has been proved that some colours, especially warm shades, can have mood-boosting effects and create a more lively atmosphere. See our blog about the psychology of colour to find out more.

Looking more specifically at kitchen colour trends, jewel-inspired tones are a popular choice. Burgundy reds, emerald greens and deep blues create a feeling of timeless luxury that you’ll never get bored of. These tones can be built up to create depth or can be contrasted with complimentary pastels to create balance.

Heritage Green 5G Kitchen

Bold colours can be a little daunting, especially if you’re used to more neutral colour schemes in your home. You can introduce them subtly, for example, try bold accessories that can be softened by pastels and neutrals. Bold colours shouldn’t be too harsh so make sure that you tie them into the rest of your space and create consistency.

Embrace darker shades

It might come as a surprise to some, but dark-coloured kitchens (including black) are dominating the 2024 trends. We’re embracing rich velvety colours such as deep blues, rich greys and blacks for kitchen cabinets and worktops. These dark colours create a feeling of confidence and look smart and stylish paired with softer finishes such as wooden floorboards and lighter wall colours. Using lighter colours alongside darker cabinets will also balance out the intensity of the dark shades, therefore helping to make the kitchen look more airy and spacious.

Feature natural textures

With a growing appreciation for organic forms and natural materials in the interior design industry, we can expect to see natural textures in 2024 kitchen trends. Try experimenting by layering different textures. For example, marble worktops, stone accessories and wooden flooring. If you’re interested in finding out more about adding texture to your home, check out our guide.

By leaning towards more natural materials we will also discover the beauty of organic shapes. Irregular forms can create an interesting contrast to the luxurious feel of the jewel tones and darker shades mentioned earlier. Including natural materials in our interior design has many benefits including enhancing our connection to the outdoors as well as being good for our health and well-being.

Groove Kitchen Meadow Green and Wood Panel

Slat wood panelling

Relating to natural textures, slat wood panelling has recently boomed in the interior industry and is set to grow even more in 2024. Employing slat wood for your kitchen cabinets or a feature wall instantly transforms the space into one with depth and character. Inspired by Swedish interior design, slat wood panelling is a great way to make your space feel more chic and refined.

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More curves

Using curves in your kitchen can create a more relaxing atmosphere by inserting balance and harmony into the activity hub of your home. Curves are mostly seen in the design of a kitchen island or cabinet corners but can also translate into other areas of your kitchen. Think of more subtle details such as a scallop tile splashback or curved accessories such as sphere light shades or round bar stools.

Curved 5G Kitchen

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and feel inspired by some of these 2024 kitchen interior trends! Don’t forget to check out some of our other blogs.