How do I place an order?

We ask that you come into our showroom and browse the kinds of furniture we have before placing an order! Once we have given you a free drawing and estimate, you can choose whether to accept the quote or not. Once accepted, you will place a deposit of 30% the value of the order to place your order into production.

How do you create your furniture?

All of our products are manufactured in our Northamptonshire workshop and all materials we work with are sourced from within the UK. We create, paint and assemble all of our orders in-house.

How do I reschedule/cancel my showroom appointment?

We all know that things can happen, so there’s no worry if you need to cancel your appointment with us last-minute. You can either let us know by email at info@madeinteriors.uk or give us a call on 01536 697996. Please note that any customers that repeatedly make and cancel appointments at short notice will risk refusal of service.

Can I get a drawing without an appointment?

Ideally, we’d need to meet with you to talk through your requirements and designs before creating you a drawing. You can visit our showroom and look through all the door styles, storage solutions, lighting and colourways we have on offer.


Do I need to remove electrical sockets?

It’s advisable to get an electrician to remove any plug sockets you won’t be using on walls where the furniture will be fitted. If you still need access to these plugs sockets, ask your electrician if they can be moved. Your fitter will inform you after they survey the room if any plug sockets need to be removed (for example, if they are too close to the skirting board or to the corner of the wall).

Is there anything else I need to do?

If your room is carpeted, you will need to have the carpet cut back before installation starts. You will also need to move the furniture in your room, so the installer has space to work. If you are unable to fulfil these requirements, please let us know beforehand.

How long will installation take?

Most installations typically take 1-3 days depending on the fitter. Walk in wardrobes and larger orders, as well as installations in awkward spaces, will usually take longer.


How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice with the balance due when you pay your deposit (30%), when your furniture has completed manufacture (60%) and when installation has completed (10%). We would prefer all payments to be made via BACS, however if you would prefer to pay by cheque or credit card, please let us know and we will accommodate this.

After Care

Is there a warranty with my furniture?

Yes! Upon completion of the installation we’ll give you a warranty certificate which covers your furniture for 6 (six) years. This only covers defective materials, and does not cover environmental damage, sunlight damage or accidental damage.

I need replacement parts, can I order them from you?

We can give you replacement parts for your furniture for free within your 6-year warranty, however this excludes accidental and environmental damage as described above. Outside the warranty or if caused by accidental or environmental damage we can provide the replacement parts at an agreed price.

Still need help? Let us know!

For any other questions, please write us at info@madeinteriors.uk or call us on
01536 697996

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