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Rockingham Doors

Our Rockingham Doors are leading the way to a new era of door design. A collection of vinyl-wrapped doors using the highest quality materials, the most reliable adhesives and the latest advancements in manufacturing technology.

With a huge choice of 70 door styles and an extensive range of finishes, you will benefit from ultimate design flexibility. If you’re looking for durability, high quality and a lot of choice, our Rockingham Range is for you.

Plain Shaker Doors

The Plain Shaker door range is simple yet sophisticated and offers a variety of customisable shaker door styles.

Lined Shaker Doors

The Lined Shaker door range has a timeless and versatile design makes it work well for both classic and minimal styles.

Mock In-Frame Doors

The Mock In-Frame door range is cleverly designed to create a framed impression that doesn’t break the bank.

Grooved Doors

The Grooved door range transforms your interior into a cosy space with rustic charm and warm country appeal. 

Raised Panel Doors

The Raised Panel door range embodies a classically beautiful design, that’s rich in detail and full of character.

Arched Doors

The Arched door range enriches any room with a charming and luxurious design. Beautifully sculpted and classically arched, the perfect traditional style. 

Modern Door Range

The Modern door range is smooth and minimal, providing a blank canvas for you to personalise. Perfect for contemporary interiors. 

Handleless Door Range

The Handle-less door range is modern design at its best. Sleek and beautifully refined, handleless doors are the practical choice for minimalists.


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