Slat wall panels are a great way to introduce contemporary Scandinavian design into your home and they can be used in any room. The natural wood finishes give a bespoke hand-crafted look whilst creating a modern structure that will balance out a minimalistic room. Wooden Slat Walls create a big impact and look like they have taken a long time to construct, however, they are actually quite simple and easy to assemble.

In this blog, we’ll look at some interior design inspiration for using wall slats in the rooms of your house.

Living Room

A wood slat wall can be used to create a cosy and stylish atmosphere. A popular choice for living rooms, the texture of wood slats creates the perfect sleek backdrop for your seating area and can help you separate areas such as a dining area and lounge area.

Hallway / Entrance Room

Adding a slat wall to your hallway or entrance provides immediate impact when stepping inside your house. A linear layout will help you heighten the visual impact while highlighting a specific area, such as alcove seating or decorative furniture. 


Morning rituals and evening routines are important for mental and physical health, so it’s important to look after your bathroom space. Adding a sleek slat wall will create a luxurious spa-like feeling in your bathroom and help you to wind down at night.


Slat walls can be installed as an alternative to a headboard to draw attention to your bed and give it a hotel-worthy makeover. The slats can be matched to your other furniture or used as a contrasting centre piece. Natural wood textures and a biophilic theme have been shown to help create a calm atmosphere, perfect for sleeping.

If you feel inspired by this blog and like the look of any of these ideas, get in touch to find out more information about our slat walls! Also make sure to check out our other blog posts for more interior design inspiration.