How to Use Vintage Decor in Your Home

How to Use Vintage Decor in Your Home

Taking inspiration from vintage interior styles and using vintage home items has become extremely popular in recent years. There are many approaches that you could take and different eras to take inspiration from. In this blog, we’ll give you an introduction to how you can use vintage style in your home.

Our first and most important tip for choosing vintage items is to choose what you actually like and not what is on trend or most valuable. Vintage items are a great way to inject personality into your space so choosing items that reflect your preferences is important! This also means you are more likely to like the item for longer.

Mix Different Eras

There are a lot of vintage eras to choose from and all of them have elements of incredible interior design. Taking inspiration from just one era could look plain and eventually feel dated. The most interesting way to incorporate vintage items into your home is to mix styles from different eras. For example, use Art Deco-style wallpaper, a Bauhaus-inspired sofa and Victorian-style accessories. This variation of styles and contrasting shapes will create multiple layers of visual interest and make your home feel more fun!

You could also combine vintage elements with more modern styles. Modern furniture is usually a lot more minimalistic and simple so can create a nice blank canvas for some more interesting vintage accessories.

A mid-century modern living room with a wood sideboard and vintage patterned rug

Embrace Vintage Textiles & Patterns

Vintage textiles and patterns are a fun way to inject colour and softness into your interior. For a smaller impact choose accessories such as patterned cushions, blankets or lampshades or for a bold effect go for bigger decor items such as a rug, wall hangings, curtains or even a patterned sofa. Floral patterns are the most common patterns that create a typical vintage look, sometimes mixed with other natural elements such as birds and trees. Art Deco-inspired patterns also tend to be quite popular for a luxurious interior, with geometric shapes and gold accents.

If you’re going for a more exotic look, there are many vintage textiles from around the world to choose from, from Indian Kantha quilts and Japanese Shibori to embroidered Suzani panels.

Upcycle & Thrift Vintage Pieces

The 2020 lockdown triggered a surge in DIY projects and home improvements. Since then it has become increasingly popular to upcycle vintage furniture and there are plenty of tutorials online. Whether it’s repainting an old coffee table, re-upholstering a sofa or repairing an antique ceramic, these unique items will add personality to your home. Not only does this create a unique item, but they will be considerably cheaper than buying new furniture and are also better for the environment as there is less wastage. They could also provide a fun project for a family or couple!

If upcycling isn’t for you, you can still find second-hand home items from antique or charity shops that would still provide that unique vintage effect.

Wide variety of vintage furniture and home design objects in store

Install Appropriate Storage

With all of these new vintage items in your home, you’ll want to make sure you have appropriate storage so it doesn’t get cluttered. You might have a small or awkward space where you would like to fit some storage, in which case fitted storage is the best way to make use of your space. With our custom furniture, you can choose the perfect door and handle styles to either match or contrast your vintage items. Our Rockingham Collection incorporates a range of different door styles inspired by different eras of interior design, from arched doors inspired by Roman Architecture to modern styles with elements of Minimalism.


We hope you enjoyed this blog and feel inspired to use some vintage styles in your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for some fitted storage or any custom furniture to help with your vintage theme!


Autumn 2023 Interior Trends

Autumn 2023 Interior Trends

This year, Autumn Interior trends are all about being bold, and colourful with a lot of retro inspiration. With rich colour combinations, vintage finds and a 70’s comeback, you’ll be sure to find a trend that inspires your Autumn interior makeover.

Playful shapes

In contrast to the minimalism trend that has lasted for the past few years, 2023 interior design has been much more exciting. Including bold colour contrasts and interesting shapes, this fun and playful style will continue into Autumn 2023. Think asymmetric sofa shapes, geometric candles and vases and abstract art decor, anything goes! These unique adaptations of traditional home decor add an element of interest to your room that grabs attention and creates a fun and lively atmosphere.

Check out these Bubble Glass vases by Anthropologie.


Rich & bold colours

Colour is one of the most important elements in interior design and changing your paint or furniture colours can change the feel of a room instantly. If you’re looking to update your interior colours, an autumn colour scheme can stand the test of time. 2023’s autumn colour trends are based around rich and warm colours that create a cosy atmosphere, perfect for the colder weather. Deep reds and browns make a bold statement and create a feeling of warmth and comfort, especially if used in large amounts, such as for walls and large furniture. If these warm tones aren’t for you, contrasting shades of green have been on trend during 2023 and are set to continue throughout Autumn. A dark green creates a cosy autumnal vibe but can be contrasted with lighter shades such as sage green.


Wall-to-ceiling colour

Another 2023 trend that creates a cosy, autumnal atmosphere in your home is wall-to-ceiling colour. Painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls enhances a room’s cosiness by creating the appearance of a lowered ceiling making the room feel warmer, especially if using a warm colour paint. If you have particularly high ceilings that make the room feel cold during Autumn, you can use a darker colour on the ceilings to create the impression of a lower ceiling. Terracotta is one of the most popular Autumn shades this year and when used on walls and ceilings it can create a soft, warm light which produces the calming sensation of a sunset.

If you’re looking for more interior tips to make your home feel warmer check out this blog.

Vintage & second-hand finds

With more and more people valuing sustainability and choosing to shop second-hand, buying vintage and second-hand items has become a trend in itself. For Autumn 2023 we are going to see this vintage trend evolve into more of a 70’s style. Rich earthy tones with pops of bright colour and bold geometric patterns. Darker woods and distressed finishes also lend themselves to a 70’s theme and match the rugged and relaxed feel of Autumn. Reclaimed and custom items also make a space feel more personalised and homely.

We hope that you have enjoyed this summary of Autumn 2023 trends and that you feel inspired to give your home a 70’s-inspired Autumn makeover. If you liked this blog, be sure to take a look at some of our other blogs.