Are you feeling the cold and counting down the days until summer? You might be surprised to hear how making some small (or big) changes to the interior of your bedroom can make you feel that little bit warmer and more summery. The first step is to identify your bedroom’s natural daylight; south and west-facing rooms will receive warm light during the day, whereas east and north-facing will have less natural light. These bedrooms will benefit the most from using more saturated, warm colours for accessories and furniture to make up for the lack of sunlight.

We’ve put together some of our best interior design tips to help you warm up your bedroom and get ready for summer.

Don’t be afraid of white on white

Surprisingly, white can be a great foundation for you to create a cosy bedroom. With white walls and furniture, the warmer elements can come from adding accessories such as colourful blankets, thick curtains or warm pillows. White also helps to brighten up a space, especially if there is a lot of natural light to bounce off it.

Rockingham Bedrooms – Pembrook Range – White

Use warm colours for wardrobes and accessories

There are many colour combinations that make a bedroom feel like a cosy retreat, but warm colours, such as orange, yellow, red, purple and brown can all make a stylish, colourful statement while also establishing a really snug atmosphere. These colours don’t have to be really bright and saturated, more subtle and pastel colours such as beige, can also create a cosy, warm atmosphere. 

Kingswood Bedrooms – Hyde Range – Foraged Fruit

Add in warm natural textures and materials

Wood, linen, rattan, wicker, stone, wool: these are all materials that exude warmth so dot them around your room to make your bedroom feel cosy. Using a natural wood finish for furniture creates a more outdoorsy atmosphere, great for feeling more summery. 

Wakerley Bedrooms – Vaasa Range- Natural Halifax Oak

Opt for warm lamps and light features

A great design tip to make your bedroom feel cosy is to add in elements of soft lighting like lamps. Choose soft or deep, dark colours for your light shades but make sure that the actual bulb itself isn’t harsh. Soft, warm lighting equals cosy vibes.

Rockingham Bedrooms – Ottawa Range – Ontario Maple

Minimalism is key to cosiness

Too many elements such as tables and bookshelves can make a room feel busy and cluttered. Opt for smarter storage with a simple design to make you feel relaxed and ready to wind down. A clear space is a clear mind. 

Salcey Bedrooms – Bastille Range – Taupe

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