Interior Colour Ideas for Spring 2023

Interior Colour Ideas for Spring 2023

With the days getting longer, flowers blossoming and the weather getting warmer, spring is upon us. A new season means changes in the light in our homes which often causes us to desire bright, fresh spaces. After the cold winter we have just endured, a change in our home interiors could be the fresh start we need to put the bad weather behind us.

When thinking of springtime, we think of the gradual change in colours outside; green grass, soft pink blossom, yellow daffodils and blue sky. Recreating these colours at home will help to bring the outside in and create a joyful atmosphere in your space. In this blog, we will discuss some spring colour interior ideas and tips on how you can use them in your home.

Pastel Greens and Blues

Pastel colours are a great way to lighten up a space whilst using subtle elements of colour. Green and blue’s association with nature helps to create a tranquil atmosphere and makes us feel more connected to the outdoors. Easy on the eye and easy to decorate with, using pastel green or blue allows for a ‘safer’ option as opposed to brighter and more intense colours. An on-trend choice for Spring 2023 is using pastel mint green or aquamarine alongside white furniture, creating a fresh and bright interior. Try accessorising your kitchen with a pastel fridge, kettle and toaster.

Don’t be afraid to contrast pastel colours with pops of darker colours! Using darker shades of your chosen pastel tone can create a balanced monochromatic look and allows for a more flexible colour scheme when decorating.

Statement Colours in Small Doses

If you’re craving a strong colour for spring such as a bright red or orange, be careful not to overdo it. It’s easy to get tired of a striking colour so it’s best to limit it to a small amount. Instead of painting your walls try painting smaller furnishings, such as bookshelves, tables and chairs or even go for a kitchen door replacement! This is a great way to introduce brighter elements into your interior without overwhelming it, as well as sticking to a smaller budget. You might even decide to add more of the statement colour throughout your decor such as with paintings or vases.

Earthy Tones as a Base

Whilst earthy and warm tones are often associated with autumn months, it doesn’t mean they cannot be utilised for spring! Neutral tones such as beige or grassy green are a great base for accessorising with bright, spring colours. These colours are also a great option when investing in new furniture such as kitchen cupboards or fitted wardrobes, as they can be adapted to a variety of colour schemes to suit all year round!

For spring, try matching your beige furniture with brighter reds or pinks, or add natural wood furniture to your green colour scheme.

Yellow or Orange Brighten a Dark Room

Nothing says sun and warmth like yellow and orange, making it a popular choice for spring or summer interiors. If you have a dark room with less natural light such as a study or a small bedroom, you can utilise yellow or orange to brighten it.

Try a mustard yellow wallpaper or an orange statement piece to create a big impact, or simply add some warm accessories to elegantly brighten up a dark-coloured room. These colours combined with different textures, such as a textile chair or natural wood finish, can create an interesting room with depth and warmth.

Florals and Plants

Nothing says spring like blossoming flowers and greenery! If you’re feeling brave, a floral patterned wallpaper is a great way to instantly transform a room, however, these patterns can look a bit dated. For a more modern look, try a duotone floral pattern and make sure the rest of your interior compliments your wallpaper, we love this example by Graham & Brown.

If you prefer a white or grey theme, lots of house plants or bright flowers are a great way to liven up your interior. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, try some of these low-maintenance indoor plants.

We hope that some of these tips and ideas have inspired you to refresh your interiors for spring! If you’re looking for more colour tips for your bedroom read our guide to bedroom colour schemes.

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