Colour can affect our moods and our happiness, so naturally it’s important that the room we sleep in is decorated or painted using colours we find relaxing or enjoy.

Of course, it’s ultimately down to you on how you’d like to decorate your space, but we hope you’ll find this guide useful!


We think terracotta is a very underrated colour! It’s not just for plant pots and tableware, it can be a brilliant to accessorise with and to break up the darkness of this colour with whites and creams. Experiment with it and give it a go, you might be surprised! It works well with minimalistic decor, as well as rustic.


Green is a great choice for bedding, decor and paintwork. Whether you want a darker, bolder green as a feature wall or a softer, cosier green all over, it gives a calming feel and calls back to nature. Woody and earthy tones & decor complete this colour scheme.


Many people back away from this colour due to its youthfulness or fear it may be too garish. Don’t fear! Pastel pinks can bring a feminine and soft feel to a room, while blush pink is great if you have a neutral canvas you’d like to bring some pop to.

White & Cream

If you’d rather use white & cream, it’s a great neutral and relaxing colour to use as a base or as a wall colour. It’s great to create a clean and comfy atmosphere to a room, and is perfect in master bedrooms. You can use pops of colour to add a bit of energy to your space, and if your room feels too empty or ‘clinical’, you can add pillows, rugs, blankets and art to the room to add comfort to your bedroom.


Darker blues are great for accessorising or as a statement wall, while soft blues work to create a calming and mellow room. White, green and light greys are brilliant complementary colours to use with blue, such as on bed sets, photo frames and ornaments.

Orange & Yellow

You might think that bright colours like orange and yellow would be too overbearing or uncomfortable in a room, but used in the right way they can be perfect and create a happy, sunshine feel to a room. Brighter yellows & oranges should be limited to one or two items like wall art or a feature wall, but calmer yellows & oranges such as pale yellow, apricot, sand and peach can be used to decorate your bed, walls and other accessories like throws, cushions and other decor.

We hope this guide helped! Another great idea is to use a colour swatch book and compare any desired colours to your room to see what goes and what doesn’t.

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