How to Create the Perfect Home Office

How to Create the Perfect Home Office

Since the covid pandemic, working from home has become a permanent reality for a lot of people, so creating a suitable home office is important. If you work in the same place that you live, it is essential to separate the spaces so that you can focus when you’re working and relax when you’re not working. This blog will take you through our guide to creating the perfect home office.

Find the right space

The first step to creating the perfect home office is making sure you have an appropriate location. You might already have a dedicated office space in your home or you might need to think about creating one.

The ideal spot for an office is a separate room such as a spare bedroom that doesn’t get used or a large store room that could be converted. However, if you don’t have a whole room to spare, you might need to create an area in your living room or bedroom. It is important to use a space where you can be focused and not get distracted, so think about how you can separate your areas. Bookcases, storage units or room dividers might help to split your workspace from your living space.

Choose colours wisely

It goes without saying that colours are one of the most important factors in interior design and have been proven to influence mood and motivation. Yellow has been shown to create an energetic atmosphere that helps you to concentrate and feel motivated, whereas pale blue and green can help you to feel more relaxed. Read our blog on colour psychology to find out more.

It is also important to create an office space suited to your style. Everyone is different so it is important to consider which colours you prefer and what will fit in with your existing home interiors. A minimalist, white office might work for some, whereas others might prefer brighter colours, such as yellow, to make them feel more alert and inspired.

Keep it tidy

A tidy space is essential for a tidy mind and an organised routine. Although it’s fun to decorate our workspace with personal items, it’s important to not let this turn into clutter! Try to incorporate an organised design and install suitable storage to keep your stationary tidy. Our bespoke fitted interiors can be created to perfectly fit your home office space and personalised to suit your needs. You’ll be surprised at how much more relaxed you will feel when your workspace is organised and you have made the most of your space!

Check out this fitted bedroom desk and storage we created in our customer’s home.

Bring the outdoors in

One of the best ways to bring the outdoors in is by decorating with indoor plants. Plants have many benefits and they’re not just beneficial for aesthetic purposes. Plants can help to improve air quality and have been shown to benefit our mental health by inducing relaxation and stress relief.

Lighting is also another important factor to consider for ultimate productivity. Studies have also shown that poor lighting can lead to drowsiness and loss of motivation at work. After all, most of us associate a dark room with going to bed! If possible, natural light is favourable so try to position your workspace near a window. If natural light isn’t available in the space you have available, there are many desk lamps and lightbulbs that can replicate sunlight.

Get comfy

Another essential aspect to have the perfect home office is making sure you’re comfortable, especially if you work full-time. To protect your back and neck, it is recommended to invest in an ergonomic chair. The best way to sit at a desk is with your back straight, your arms at a 90-degree angle, your eyes at screen level and your feet flat on the floor. Ergonomic chairs help you to sit in this position by allowing you to adjust the chair’s height and armrests and by providing extra back support.

Stylish workplace interior with modern ergonomic office chair

Add some personal touches

Finally, to finish off your home office space, you might want to add some personal touches and decor. In moderation, personal items such as art prints, family photos or colourful accessories can help to spark creativity and motivation.

You might want to inject some personality in more subtle ways, through the interior design of the area. If your home interior already follows a certain style such as a boho natural theme or an industrial style you could match your office decor by bringing elements of these themes in.

Whether you decide on a minimalistic theme or a more colourful personalised style, it is important that you create a home office that inspires focus and makes you feel comfortable. Book a showroom appointment with us to discuss your ideas and find out how we can help you to create perfect your home office.