Decorate Your Home for Christmas 2023

Decorate Your Home for Christmas 2023

Do you fancy a change in your Christmas decor this year and looking for some inspiration? We’ve written this blog to give you a few new ideas for decorating your home from Christmas 2023.

Metallic Accents

The holiday season is perfect for embracing the glitz and glam of metallic accents. Gold and silver have always been used around Christmas time but brass and chrome accents are in for Christmas 2023 and have the power to stay in trend well into 2024. The key is to choose accessories that can be interchanged with other seasons’ styles. For example, a brass vase can be used for holly now and swapped out for blossoms in the spring.

Christmas dinner table with metallic decor. Beautiful served table with decorations, candles and lanterns. Living room decorated with lights and Christmas tree.

Jewel Tone Colours

The traditional reds and greens of Christmas are around every year, but this year we are looking at more jewel-inspired colours. Deeper tones such as emerald green, regal purple and ruby red. Think of it as a more luxurious revamp of usual Christmas colours, providing a rich and sophisticated contrast to bright and jolly decor.

A cozy living room draped in plush fabrics in red and forest green with golden accents

Handmade Decorations

In contrast to the rich, luxurious theme of metallic accents and jewel colours, handmade decorations can add a personal touch to your home. Creating handmade decorations can be a fun family activity for the holiday season and is also good for the environment to upcycle and reuse objects. We’ve all tried paper snowflakes but other, more complex ornaments can be homemade. These ideas below make use of natural objects such as pine cones, as well as upcycled wallpaper or even scrabble pieces!

homemade christmas ornaments, two diy ornaments made of pineconeshomemade christmas ornaments, diy upcycled wallpaper ornaments with red stringhomemade christmas ornaments, let it snow ornament made of scrabble tiles

We hope you enjoyed this blog and feel inspired to mix up your decor this year! Be sure to check out our other blogs for more inspiration and tips.