How to Design the Perfect Vanity Table

How to Design the Perfect Vanity Table

What do you use your vanity table for? Whether it’s getting ready for a night out, for your skincare ritual or just as a decorative addition to your space. This guide will help you to design the perfect vanity table and how to make it work for you!


Drawers and shelving are paramount to keeping your vanity table clutter-free and looking good. Whether you need to store lots of face creams or hair accessories, you’ll want plenty of drawers or shelves to keep them on. Not only does it keep the main surface looking tidy and easier to clean, but it gives you more space to get comfortable and avoid feeling cramped!



You’d be surprised how deceiving an overhead light can be when looking at your facial features! If you use your vanity table for applying makeup, you’ll need soft ample lighting that illuminates your whole face. LED lights are the most energy-efficient and greenest option to have installed, and there are lots of mirror options that have LED lights already installed inside.




If you have enough room to allow for more, don’t settle for a tiny vanity! You’ll always be more comfortable having more space to spread out. As a general guide, the perfect size table is one where you can have both elbows rested with your arms positioned at a 45º angle, with enough depth for your arms to be positioned at 90º without your hands or fingers being pushed up against the back.




No matter how long you spend at your vanity table, it’s always a good idea to make sure the seat is comfy! If you use your vanity more often, it would be worth investing in a comfier, upholstered chair with a cushion. However, if you only use your vanity for a few minutes a day, you might just want to have a stool there.

If you enjoy a bit of DIY, you could experiment with personalising your vanity stool by painting it your favourite colour or adding a seat cushion by tying or pinning it.


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