Add Art Deco Design to Your Home

Add Art Deco Design to Your Home

The Art Deco design movement originated in France just over a century ago and influenced everything from interiors to cars to architecture. Recognisable elements of Art Deco design are abstract geometric patterns, vibrant contrasting colours, mirrored panels and stylized imagery of figures, plants and animals.

In recent years, the Art Deco style has remerged into the interior design world and is constantly being re-interpreted and combined with other styles. In this blog, we’ll take you through some key elements of Art Deco in interior design and suggest how you can add Art Deco design to your home.


Striking Colours & Bold Contrasts

Art Deco design is defined by vibrant colours and dramatic contrasts. Highly saturated jewel colours such as red, green and blue, are used frequently. Silver, black and gold metallics create rich and glamourous accents. This rich combination is then contrasted and balanced out with more subtle pastel and neutral tones, such as beige and cream.

To add an Art Deco colour scheme to your home, choose dramatic contrasting colours. Start by choosing one or two bright colours; teal green and red or dark blue and orange work well together to create interesting contrasts. Then select gold, silver and/or black for your metallic accessories, and finally pick a neutral pastel colour to balance out the palette


Geometric Patterns & Shapes

Art Deco patterns are quite distinguishable, usually made up of geometric shapes, tightly repeated patterns and emphasised vertical lines. Often depicting motifs such as animals, flowers, arches, feathers and fans in a bold line style.

You can make an impact with Art Deco patterns in your home by using patterned wallpapers or geometric tiled flooring. If you prefer a more subtle effect, you could try patterned pillows, art prints or light fixtures.

Art Deco interior in classic style with pink sofa and table


The stylised motifs used in Art Deco patterns are also utilised to inspire sculptural furniture and accessory shapes. Sculptures and other works of art were abundant throughout the Art Deco period, so it will complement your theme to add a sculpture or two for decoration. If you have a bigger budget, you could introduce sculptural furniture; curved sofas and waterfall-style consoles create a luxury Art Deco presence.

Art Deco-style lighting is a prominent accessory that can transform your space. Usually, large chandeliers or geometric-shaped pendants are fashioned from steel, polished bronze and glass, often coloured to create a stained-glass effect.

Reflective Surfaces

High gloss surfaces and reflective materials are another important element of the Art Deco style. The rich shine of a lacquered table, a decorative mirror wall or high gloss furniture creates a glamorous and luxurious atmosphere, perfect for an Art Deco interior. Glossy surfaces can be overwhelming so they are more commonly used as accessories or smaller furniture pieces and balanced with patterns or less glossy surfaces.

To add these to your home interior, choose glossy furniture finishes, mirrored tables or metallic accents. Metallics, in particular, have risen in popularity in recent years, so there is an abundance of options when it comes to metallic accessories and furnishings.

Luxury kitchen in art deco style with golden, black and white colours


Luxurious Materials

The luxurious feel of the Art Deco style lends itself to working with other elegant and unexpected materials. Interesting wood textures, velvet, crystals, animal prints and marble have all been used to compliment an Art Deco theme.

These materials can be used for large furniture pieces such as a marble worktop or a velvet sofa. Or for a more subtle and budget-friendly option, luxurious accessories such as velvet cushions, crystal decor or marble vases work well.


We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and feel inspired to introduce the Art Deco style into your home. Make sure to check out our other blog posts and get inspired by more interior design styles!