Make The Most of Your Small Bedroom Space

Make The Most of Your Small Bedroom Space

Small bedrooms can be more difficult to design. With less space available there is more to think about. Whether you need more clothes storage or space for all of your books, it can be difficult to fit everything in, keep it organised, and make it look nice! In this blog, we’ll guide you through some important tips to help you to make the most of your small bedroom space.

Hidden and Fitted Storage

Storage is perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to any bedroom. However, when it comes to a small bedroom, it can be difficult to fit in all of the storage you need.

The most efficient way to utilise your storage space is to invest in a custom-fitted wardrobe. These can wrap around corners, fit into awkward spaces and be fully customised. You could even add a built-in vanity table to avoid clutter in other areas of the room.

When planning your wardrobe interior, make sure to carefully consider how many shelves, rails and drawers you will need and where they should go. Concealing your storage with doors, curtains or mirrors creates a clean-looking interior, alluding to more space.

Make Use of Every Corner

Some small bedrooms might be packed into an awkward space and therefore have a unique shape that might seem difficult to utilise. To make the most of your space, you should try to use every corner of the room, no matter how small. Alcoves are great places to create a reading corner or a work-from-home desk. If your alcove is too small for that, it could be used for storage such as bookshelves or even for wall decor or a mirror.

Windowsills are also a great place to incorporate storage. A windowsill lends itself to being used as a shelf, usually for objects like plants or books. However, if you have a deeper space, you could create a cosy window seat. This could possibly free up some floor space that would have been used for chairs.

Create an Illusion of Space

Lighter colours tend to make a space look bigger and more open. Whereas darker colours will do the opposite and create a more confined space. Use white or pastel colours as a base for walls and larger furniture to open up your small bedroom space.

You can then contrast with darker or brighter pops of colour for bedding and decor. However, be careful to keep a balanced and consistent colour scheme. Too many colours can make the room look too busy and cluttered.

Adding mirrors and mirrored furniture is a clever way to reflect light and will make a small bedroom feel much bigger. Experiment with different mirror styles, from floor-length to rounded wall mirrors and find one (or more) that works best for your space.

Keep it Minimal

It goes without saying that a clean and minimal space is more calming and creates mental space, but it also creates physical space. When decorating your small bedroom, using minimal decor and simplistic furniture is going to create a cleaner and more open space. It’s also worth making sure you keep your belongings organised and tidy, so your small amount of floor space isn’t covered by clothes!

Get Creative With Shelving

There are various different types of shelving that can be utilised to fit into your small bedroom space. Shelving can be placed high up on the wall, above your bed, inside alcoves or in the corners of the room. Make sure to consider the layout of your room and the order in which you will need things. For example, it makes sense to have your shoe collection stored near your door and your hair products near your mirror.

Built-in shelving is also a great option that doesn’t take up floor space. This can provide storage for a large range of objects, from clothes, spare blankets or even decorative items.

Comfortable and modern bedroom interior design with cozy bed against built-in shelves with home decor, bedside table with stylish table lamp, amazing large window.

Spacing-Saving Beds

Beds take up quite a large portion of our bedrooms, especially if you have a king size or bigger. If you’re living in a really tight space such as a studio apartment, you might consider a less-conventional space-saving bed.

Sofa beds or pull-out beds have come on a long way and there are many high-quality options that can provide the comfort of a standard mattress. Loft beds can be a fun way to incorporate a desk or a dressing table into your bedroom space, and are a great option for children’s rooms.

If you’re wanting to find out more, check out our blog on storage ideas for small spaces or check out our fitted bedroom collections.