How to Add Scandinavian Design to your Home

How to Add Scandinavian Design to your Home

Scandinavian design is a minimalistic and practical aesthetic known for its neutral colour palettes, clean lines and striking modern furniture. Emerging in the 1950s alongside the modernist movement, Scandinavian modern style prioritized affordable and sleek furnishings and interiors. Its natural feel and everyday practicality make it a popular and timeless choice for home design. Find out more in this blog about how you can add Scandinavian Design to your home.

Use a Soft Colour Scheme

Scandinavian countries get little sunlight, especially throughout winter, so Scandinavian design is focused on creating light spaces. Soft colour schemes that include lots of neutrals and whites reflect the little amount of daylight available. Large windows and minimal blinds or curtains are also prioritised to further maximise the amount of daylight coming in.

A white base is always a good place to start, but deciding on what tone of white can be a little overwhelming. Cooler tones with hints of blue or grey can be harsher and less comforting whereas a warmer white with pink or yellow tones creates a more homely feel. Starting with a white or neutral base allows you to add brighter colours and adapt or change your colour scheme over time.

Create Contrast

Scandinavian interior design uses a blend of textures and contrasts to make sleek, modern decor feel warm and inviting. There are many ways we can create contrast and interest inspired by Scandinavian design. Through contrasting colours, for example, adding darker-toned furniture or accessories to your lighter colour scheme. Using contrasting textures by mixing natural textures such as wood and wool with smooth and glossy manmade materials. Handmade pieces add an interesting feature to a minimalistic Scandi-style interior.

Install Modern Furniture & Smart Storage

Minimalism is at the heart of anything Scandi-style so using minimal furniture and storage is key. Handleless wardrobes and drawers create clean lines and are a modern, practical storage solution suitable for Scandinavian-style interiors. Installing fitted furniture suited to your storage needs helps you to keep clutter stored away resulting in a cleaner, more minimal interior.

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