Our Open Plan Living Guide

Our Open Plan Living Guide

Open-plan living has become increasingly popular because it allows you to move freely between areas. Open floor plans tend to have fewer walls in favour of seamless spaces and zones separated by furniture. This layout creates an attractive environment and allows easy movement from room to room, perfect for a social space or family home. However, whilst an open floor plan can sound attractive, it can also present a few decorating and organisational challenges.

In this blog, we’ll take you through some tips and ideas for planning and decorating an open-plan living space.

Consistency is key

When designing an open-plan living space it is important to consider the whole space as one large room. Paint colours, wood finishes and furniture styles don’t need to be exactly the same, but some consistency is important so that it doesn’t look thrown together and unorganised. However, you might actually want to plan some contrasts and differences to purposely separate certain areas. For example, you could establish a subtle rustic theme that connects all areas but add blue accesories to your kitchen and warmer furniture in your living area.

Edison Kitchen Living Space

Make it cosy

One downside of a large open space is that it might not feel as cosy as a smaller compact room. There are ways to get around this, predominately with strategic furniture placement. For the living room area of your space, group the sofas and chairs closely together and centre them around a focus point to create an enclosed and comfortable space. You can then use soft furnishings such as blankets and rugs to further distinguish a cosy seating area.

Create a flow

Another important factor to consider with an open-plan living space is to make sure there is a “flow” that directs you through the space. Create walkways with enough space to allow you to walk through each area comfortably. Keeping these walkways clear will also help to keep the space looking more organised.

Add dedicated storage

To keep an open space looking organised, it is important that objects are kept stored away in dedicated storage. Especially if your space has been built for entertaining or is a busy family area. By installing custom-fitted furniture you can personalise your storage to your needs and fit it into the space you have available. Storage units can also be a great way to separate areas and provide some structure. For example, you could place a bookcase behind your sofa to divide the lounge and dining areas.

Whether you need a bookcase, a TV unit or kitchen storage, we can help you to achieve an organised open space. Contact us to find out more about our fitted furniture services!