The Benefits of Fitted Furniture In Your New Build House

The Benefits of Fitted Furniture In Your New Build House

Whether you have just moved into a new build house or you’re in the process of buying one, it’s important to start thinking about your furniture. New builds usually don’t come with fitted wardrobes or storage. This means you will be faced with some decisions to make regarding your furniture once you’ve moved in.

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of installing fitted furniture in your new build house and hopefully make some of these decisions easier for you.

Space saving

One of the biggest benefits of fitted furniture is the amount of space it saves. New builds tend to be packed into small areas which means they can be smaller than older houses and have less storage space. It is important to utilise the space you have in each room and fitted furniture is a great way to squeeze in as much storage as possible!

All of our fitted interiors and bedrooms can be made to measure so they will perfectly fit the space that you have available.


Another great benefit of fitted furniture is that it is fully customisable and made to match your space. No more endlessly searching for wardrobes that slightly match your decor. Instead, you will have the choice of hundreds of combinations of door styles, finishes, colours and handles. We also offer a colour match service, so we can create the perfect colour to match your plans or existing decor. Browse our fitted bedroom ranges and our colour collections to find your perfect match!

Fitted for you

We know buying a house and moving can be a stressful experience. So why not let us take a bit of pressure off when it comes to installing and fitting your new furniture? With our skilled team of manufacturers and fitters, we will handle everything from start to finish and install your fitted interior perfectly. No more stressful flatpacks and worrying about building your furniture correctly. Just sit back and let us do the work!

Modern bedroom interior with fitted wardrobe in cream colour
Loxley bedroom

More organised

It goes without saying that having nice storage that’s tailor-made for you, will help you to have a more organised space. You can choose your perfect combination of shelves, drawers and hanging rails to make sure your wardrobe and cupboards are suited to your needs. If your storage and interior are more aesthetically pleasing, you’re more likely to want to use them and keep them tidy.

Check out our blog on storage solutions.

Easy to clean

Fitted furniture tends to be a lot easier to clean than free-standing wardrobes or drawers. There are fewer gaps between walls and ceilings where dust can collect, so there’s one less cleaning job to worry about. Also if all of your belongings have a dedicated storage space, there will be less mess lying around to clean away every day.

It’s a long-term investment

Fitted furniture may seem pricier than free-standing or flat-pack furniture, but it should be seen as a long-term investment. Our fitted furniture is made from the highest quality materials and comes with a 6-year guarantee. You can also choose a finish that has built-in anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint technology so your interior will look newer for longer!

If you’re just moving into a new build house, it is beneficial to invest in high-quality furniture that will last for a long time. This way you won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon. Alternatively, if you are looking for an investment, fitted furniture will add value to the house for potential future buyers.

We hope this blog has helped to clarify some of the benefits of installing fitted furniture in your new build house. If you are interested in any of our fitted furniture services start by reading about our different ranges or get in touch.