Summer 2024 Interior Design Trends

Summer 2024 Interior Design Trends

As the weather gets warmer and the evenings get longer, you might be thinking about altering your home interior ready for summer. When we think of summer interior design, we want to reflect the sun into our homes, connect to the outdoors and perhaps even prepare for hosting summer dinner parties.

In this blog, we’ll take you through our favourite summer 2024 interior design trends to help you get your home ready for the warmer months.

Utilising Natural Light

After the long, cold winter we had, it’s not surprising that we want to make the most of the sunnier weather. We can utilise the natural light and bring the sun into our homes in many ways.

In 2024 interior design trends, we are already seeing the use of sheer and lightweight curtains. Sheer curtains allow the sunlight to shine through whilst still providing a level of privacy. This trend is easily personalised, choose from sheer patterned or coloured curtains for a more eccentric look or opt for more plain, light-coloured curtains for a more subtle effect. Either of these options will be effective in adding a light and airy effect to your home, perfect for the summer sun!

Table and chairs with large window and sheer curtains

Image Source, Pexels

Another simple way to increase natural light in your home is to place mirrors near windows strategically. By reflecting the sunlight from a window into the room, you create the effect of a bigger and brighter space. You can choose the size and style of your mirrors to suit the available space. A minimalistic and large mirror would suit a more contemporary space, whereas a more vintage-inspired room would suit decorative, framed mirrors.

Connecting to the Outdoors

Summer 2024 is all about connecting to nature and appreciating the outdoors. If you have a living space that leads to an outdoor garden, you might want to maximise this space ready for summer evenings. You can introduce furniture that can transition from indoor to outdoor use, such as modular sofas, extendable tables and weather-proof decor. By incorporating adaptable furniture you can create a cohesive indoor and outdoor space without sacrificing your aesthetic or comfort.

If you don’t have this kind of open space, don’t worry, you can still find ways to connect to the outdoors. By incorporating plants and natural elements into your interior or even just by using earthy green and brown tones, you can create a sense of the outdoors in your home.

House plants in summer

Image Source, Unsplash

Minimalism with Style

Minimalism has perhaps been one of the biggest recent design trends and it’s not going anywhere in summer 2024. However, minimalism doesn’t have to be boring or lacking in style, as some people might assume. You can focus on simplicity and clean lines but still incorporate statement pieces and bold accessories to add personality. For example opt for clean geometric shapes, metallic accents or textured materials to add a level of interest to your minimalistic space.

Refresh with Enveloping Pastels

If you’re thinking of completely redecorating for summer 2024, then you might want to think about trending colour schemes. This year we are focusing on more playful pastel colours with mood-boosting properties. Sage green, pastel pinks and pale blues all provide a joyful atmosphere whilst not being too overwhelming – perfect for summer! The soft enveloping technique is one of the biggest trends for summer 2024 – it involves painting from ceiling to skirting boards to completely cover one wall or all walls of a room. It may sound daunting but it can create a calming and cohesive backdrop for a summery interior, especially when using a pastel colour.

Sage green pastel painted ceiling and wall colour

Image Source, Beyond Designs


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog outlining our favourite summer 2024 interior design trends. We don’t agree with following fast-moving trends so make sure you invest in furniture and decor that you love and will keep for a long time.

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How to Decorate for Summer

How to Decorate for Summer

Summer is well and truly underway but your home might still be feeling a bit dark and wintery. We’ve put together this blog to help you with decorating your space to complement the warm and bright summer months.

With inspiration for summer colour schemes, outdoor spaces and organisation, keep reading to find out our best decorating for summer tips!

Connect Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

One of the best ways to create a summer haven is to connect your indoor and outdoor areas. Whether you have a small balcony, a large garden or a shared outdoor space, there is a lot you can do to create the perfect summer setting.

If you have enough space, create an outdoor seating or lounge area and decorate it with elements matching your interior. For example, add some cosy light fixtures, use an outdoor rug, or even hang some wall decor on your garden fence. Just be prepared for British weather changes and make sure that everything is waterproof!

If you don’t have a large garden space or prefer to stay out of the sun, why not bring the outdoors in? The best way to associate your interior with the outdoors is to incorporate natural elements, such as plants, stone finishes and natural fibres. Read our blog What is the Biophilic Interior Design Trend? to find out more!

Fresh Outdoor Paint

It sounds minimal but a fresh coat of paint can work wonders to brighten up your outdoor space for summer. Plus the warm summer months are ideal for doing garden work and drying paint quickly!

Is your garden fence looking a bit flaky and dull? Do you fancy refreshing your house with a new front door or window frame colour?

Pastel colours are popular for summery themes as they can bring a fun pop of colour to your garden but they also reflect the sun well and make the space look bright and airy. Pastel yellow or orange screams summer as it imitates the sun’s rays, whereas pastel green is closely related to nature. If you do decide to plan a painting day, make the most of it and think about how you can spread the colour across your garden. Perhaps you have some wooden planters or a garden bench that could be painted too.

Plan for Outdoor Gatherings

Summer is the season for garden parties and BBQs! Maybe you have a family birthday in the summer months or you’re planning a get-together with your friends. You should consider these plans when decorating your garden space for summer. How can you make it a party-hosting space? Maybe some extra seating, atmospheric decor or an outdoor bar? Check out Our Guide to Summer Garden Party Planning for more tips.

Create a Light & Minimal Space

Nothing says summer like lots of natural daylight and a spacious interior. Throw open your doors and windows, tie your curtains back and embrace the sunlight and summer breeze. Have a bit of a clear-out and store away any unnecessary decor items and thick furnishings for winter.

Having a clean and organised space will help you to feel cooler and more relaxed in the hot temperatures. The less cleaning you have to do, the cooler you will be! If you’re struggling with storage solutions to keep your space clear, contact us to see how we can help!

Summer themed kitchen interior with pastel blue cabinets and wooden table tops.

On Theme Decor

To finish off your summer refresh, think about the small details. Replace your thick bedding with lighter fabrics such as linen or cotton. Add summery pastel colours to your colour schemes, such as a pale seaside blue or a sunny yellow. Decorate your walls with framed holiday pictures or summer-themed artwork. Incorporate summery scents into your daily routine – use a ‘summer breeze’ candle or a lemony fresh fabric conditioner.

These small details may seem minute but they add up to create that perfect summer holiday vibe.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and you are feeling inspired to update your interior and outdoor space for summer! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for some new fitted furniture or storage to help with your summer refresh.