How to Use Green in Your Home Interior

How to Use Green in Your Home Interior

Green is a versatile and calming colour that has been growing in popularity in the interior design world. Adding shades of green to your home can create a sense of tranquillity and look stylish if done right. However, many people struggle with styling green effectively and are not sure how to create a complementary colour scheme. If you’re looking to incorporate green into your home, this blog is for you! We’ve written this guide with our best tips on how to use green in your home interior.

How to use green in different interior styles

There are many interior styles that green can be incorporated into. Whether your home is minimalistic or nature-inspired, we’ve got you covered!

In a Scandinavian-inspired space, simplicity and natural light are key. Green can be used in this style to add a pop of natural colour. Softer greens such as mint or sage can add a subtle touch of freshness without overwhelming the space. Whereas darker greens can be used to create a clean contrast in a mostly white room.

A Bohemian-style interior is inspired by nature and organic elements, so more muted, natural green tones are ideal. Olive green or sage green both work perfectly alongside natural textures and browns.

However, a more Classical and Traditional style focuses on elegance and sophistication. Dark emerald green creates a rich environment, paired with metallic gold it can create a dramatic and stylish space.

How to style different shades of green

There is a huge variety of different green shades to choose from, so finding the right one for you is important. Even more important is understanding how to style it to look good in your space.

Emerald green

Emerald green

Emerald green is perhaps the most contemporary shade of green that has surged in popularity in the past year. This rich and vibrant shade of green can add a touch of luxury and elegance to any room.

Use for: wall colour or furniture for a dramatic effect, decorative elements to create a more subtle sophisticated environment or statement furniture like sofas or accent chairs.

Emerald green colour palette

Pair with: neutral colours such as white or beige to balance the richness, or combine with brighter tones, such as blush pink or coral orange for a more energetic effect.

Mix with metallics: for an even more glamorous look, mix emerald green with metallic accents like gold or brass.

5G Kitchen Emerald Green

Olive green

Olive green

Olive green is a nature-inspired colour; a more subdued and earthy tone which evokes tranquillity. This green tone is ideal for creating a warm and cosy environment.

Use for: walls, tiles or large furniture pieces. Because of its muted shade, olive green won’t overpower your room so can be used generously.

Olive green palette

Pair with: other earthy tones like brown, tan or beige, or contrast it with bolder colours such as navy blue or mustard yellow.

Bring in natural elements: accentuate the natural effect by bringing in organic elements like wood, plants, and stone.

Olive green interior with green wall and sofa and brown table

Sage green

Sage green

Sage is a lighter, more muted shade of green, so it creates a real calming influence in the home. Its blue undertones create a refreshing effect and make it ideal for creating relaxing environments in bathrooms or kitchens.

Use for: bathroom tiles, walls, kitchen cabinets or furniture. Similar to olive green, sage green is very subtle so can be used for bigger furniture items without being overpowering.

Sage green colour palette

Pair with: pretty much any colour! Sage green is very versatile so looks great alongside other greens and blues but also contrasted with warmer tones such as browns, oranges or even purple.

Contrast with dark wood: the muted cool tones of sage green look great balanced out by dark, warm wood finishes. Try dark wood furniture against a sage green wall or tiling.

Sage Green Kitchen with wood details

As you can see, green is a very versatile and sophisticated colour that can either calm or add drama to your home. With the variation of different green shades, there is bound to be something that suits everyone’s style. Whether you choose to paint a sage green wall, invest in emerald green furniture, or incorporate olive green through textiles and accessories, there are plenty of ways to incorporate green into your space.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and feel more clarity on how to use green in your home interior! Check out our other blogs for more interior colour tips!