Creating a Tidy Living Room Space

Creating a Tidy Living Room Space

We all like to use our living rooms as a place to relax, watch the latest TV show or gather with family. You might have experienced rushing to get everything looking nice before guests arrive. Or you might feel like you can’t keep on top of the clutter that builds in your living space. In this blog, we’ll give you some tips on how to create a tidy living room space.

Living Room Furniture

When you look at what furniture you have and what you use on a daily basis, you might realise that you have more furniture than you need! It could help to write down each piece of furniture in your living room and list the uses it has. Do you need the bookshelf if you’ve already read every book on it? Are there one too many side tables?

Consider putting some of that excess furniture on an online marketplace or donating it to a charity. This will help you to make your living space more tidy and spacious.

Do you need help with your living room furniture? Read our blog for tips on how to design your living space.

Decluttering Your Space

It’s easy to accumulate various bits and bobs. Random paperwork, the kids’ toys, odd wires, a junk drawer.
Ideally, all the open surfaces you can see should be saved for decor accessories: photo frames, small succulents, vases and candles. Creating storage for everything else will declutter your surfaces and make your living room much tidier!
Fitted TV units and cabinetry are a great solution to tidy away anything you don’t want to have out all the time.
A TV unit with storage can hide away any toys, wires and other bits but also keep them close by whenever you need them.

Tidy Electronics

That jungle of wires and cables behind the TV can look very unattractive in any living space. But what can we do to fix that?
Luckily, we live in an age of convenience! Cable organisers are easily purchased on any e-commerce, marketplace site or technology shop. If you want to go for something more functional with your living room decor, our fitted TV units can be used to hide cables and neatly organise them.

If you’d like to make your living space tidy and make it unique to your home, we can help! Whether you’d like a fitted TV unit or some custom-made cabinetry to match the furniture you already have. We can create a drawing and give you an estimate on your design after a visit to our amazing showroom!

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