Our Guide to Wardrobe Spring Cleaning

Our Guide to Wardrobe Spring Cleaning

It’s coming up to that time of year when we start thinking about changing up our wardrobes for warmer months. This also provides an ideal time for a deeper clean. Whether you decide to completely change up your wardrobe or you just need to replace a few items, we have put together this guide to wardrobe spring cleaning.

Get In The Zone

Cleaning out your wardrobe is not something that can be done quickly while the dinner is cooking. Set aside a few hours and really dedicate a part of your day to get it done properly. Put on your favourite upbeat playlist to keep you motivated, make a coffee and light a candle to create a nice environment. Make sure you have everything you need ready, such as extra storage boxes or a pen and paper for making lists.

Get Everything Out

It might seem a little dramatic but pulling everything out is sometimes the best way to start. Get everything out where you can see it and try to sort it all into rough piles (tops, trousers, jumpers, etc).

Start by picking out the obvious items that you really don’t like or definitely won’t wear again. Then filter through the rest of the items and be more critical. Figure out if you’ve got too many similar items that won’t get used or if you have any occasions coming up to wear certain items. Have fun with this, try things on and have a bit of a fashion show! If you can up with any good outfits, photograph them to remember later.

Whilst everything is out of your wardrobe, this is a good time to wipe it clean or give it a hoover.

Sort Seasonal Items Into Storage

Coming into spring and summer, you won’t need all of your winter clothes for a few months. So think about how you can store your thick jumpers, gloves and scarves separately or bring your summer clothes to the front of your wardrobe. If you’re struggling with storage consider some space-saving techniques such as vacuum packing.

A woman folds her clothes and puts them in metal black baskets and boxes. Nordic style minimalism.

Consider The 3-Year Rule

The 3-year rule is a reasonable time limit to work out whether something has wearability. If you haven’t worn something for the last 3 years, are you likely to wear it in the next 3 years? Do you have an occasion soon when you can wear it? If the answer is no to both of these questions, it’s probably time to get rid.

Sell Or Donate

Clothing waste is a big problem for the environment, so don’t throw away everything you don’t use. If you have time list your valuable items on online selling platforms such as eBay or Vinted. If you’d rather get rid of them quickly, donate to a local charity shop or pass down to family members and friends. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Sewing on a sewing machine, clothes repairing DIY.

Repair Or Upcycle

If you have an item that you love, but you don’t wear because it is damaged, then repair it! A missing button or a small tear is easily repairable. If you don’t fancy fixing it yourself, ask around family members or neighbours, most people know someone with a sewing machine! If it’s a more complicated item that you want to alter you could take it to a professional seamstress.

Note Any Gaps

Now you’ve sorted through the things you want to keep, repair and get rid of, it is a good time to make a list if there’s anything you think you need. Are you missing any basics for summer? Have you grown out of your favourite dress? Perhaps you just need some more socks. Make a list of things you need or want to go back to later.

Think About Storage

This is also a good time to think about whether your storage is working for you. Perhaps you want to rearrange your wardrobe categories or you need some new boxes. You might even need a new wardrobe that is more customised to your space!

We hope you enjoyed this guide to wardrobe spring cleaning. If you’re considering some new bedroom storage, get in touch to see how we can help!