Our Ranges Explained

Our Ranges Explained

With so many different styles, colours and finishes to choose from, it can be overwhelming when deciding on your new furniture. You might like the look of our products but don’t know where to start in understanding what each range has to offer. In this blog, we have laid out our 4 different ranges and explained the main details that differentiate them.

All of our ranges are available for fitted wardrobes, door replacements or any fitted interiors you’re looking for. All styles are fully customisable and made-to-measure so will be guaranteed to fit your space perfectly.

Salcey Range (5 Piece)

Our Salcey Range, also known as 5 Piece, is modelled on classic shaker principles. Shaker doors are typically internal or cabinet doors with simple construction, a central panel and a raised rectangular frame.

A modern bedroom interior with fitted furniture in a dark grey colour.
Salcey Bedroom

The pared-back style, simplicity and perfectly proportioned frame make shaker doors a firm favourite. Our 5 piece doors provide a traditional, handmade aesthetic but also allow for a flexible design through different styles, finishes and handles. We offer 3 door styles in our Salcey Range – Dylan, Fenwick and Bastille which all put their own subtle spin on the classic shaker door, allowing you to find your perfect match, right up to the minute details.

Kingswood Range (Painted)

Our Kingswood Range, also known as Painted, is exactly what the name suggests – painted. The distinctive crafted aesthetic of a painted door creates that hand-finished flair that makes your interior feel a little bit more personal. It goes without saying that our Painted Range gives you more options and allows for more flexibility. By choosing the perfect colour and finish you are able to make a room your own and match your personal style and flair.

A modern kitchen interior with new cabinet doors in a grey colour and wooden sides.
Kingswood Kitchen

Our paint collection has been carefully selected to provide the most sought-after shades that will stand the test of time. If you haven’t found your perfect shade in our collections, or you have existing furniture that you want to match, we also offer a unique colour-matching service, so we can always create something to suit your needs.

Wakerley Range (Edged)

Our Wakerley Range, also known as Edged, consists of 5 contemporary door styles designed with versatility and functionality in mind. Characterised by sharp lines, perfect proportions, and distinctive edging, Wakerley provides flexible design solutions that are both simple and modern.

A modern bedroom interior with a light grey gloss fitted wardrobe.
Wakerley Bedroom

The more understated the style, the more important the choice of finish becomes. That is why we provide an extensive range of Ultra High Gloss, Premium Super Matt, and Authentic Wood Effect Textures allowing you to create a space that reflects your individuality. This collection can also be adapted to fit any handle style, Standard, Integrated or Handleless, so you will never be short of options.

Rockingham Range (5G)

Our Rockingham Range, also known as 5G, represents the next generation of vinyl-wrapped doors. Committed to only the highest quality materials, the most reliable adhesives and the latest advancements in manufacturing technology – it’s leading the way to a new era of door design.

A modern kitchen interior with dark wooden effect cabinet doors.
Rockingham Kitchen

5G is guaranteed to give you durability and style but also offers ultimate design flexibility. Featuring 70 door styles and an extensive range of finishes including Matt, Gloss, Wood Grain and Superior Matt. Each finish has its own list of valuable qualities, but Superior Matt is extremely robust, with built-in anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint technology, it’s perfect for a busy family home.

With the choice of 8 different door styles including plain shaker, lined shaker, mock-in frame, grooved, raised panel, arched, modern, and handle-less, you’ll be sure to find your perfect match!

If you like the sound of any of our ranges or would like to know more information about specific products, don’t hesitate to get in touch via phone on 01536 697996 or email at info@madeinteriors.uk.