Home Book Storage Ideas

Home Book Storage Ideas

In light of Book Lovers’ Day this week, we have put together this blog to help you create storage for your books at home. Whether you’re a novel enthusiast with a large collection or a casual reader with a few favourites, this blog is bound to give you some home book storage ideas.

Use the space you have

Our first tip is to use the space you have wisely. Rather than creating one area for all of your books that might not fit or might get in the way, you can display your books in different spaces that you have available. For example, you might have some shelf space in your living room or an empty corner in your bedroom, there’s no reason why you can’t spread your book collection across both of these rooms.

It’s also smart to consider where you’ll want to read or use your books and try to store them in that area. For example, if you have any recipe books, they’re best kept in the kitchen.

Try different storage solutions

When we think of book storage we usually think of bookshelves or bookcases, however, there are some storage ideas that are more outside the box. The space you have available will decide how creative you can be with your storage, but you could utilise high wall space, frame your doorway or even use a glass coffee table with storage to display your books.

If you have an awkward space and you’re struggling with fitting storage in it, we can design and create fitted book storage to fill your space perfectly, contact us to find out more!

Consider adding seating

If you have a larger space available and you want to make more of a feature of your book storage, you could consider arranging some seating or creating a reading corner. A small sofa or fitted seating in a windowsill or corner of a room works well and allows for lots of storage space. If you have a room corner available you can use both surrounding walls for book storage or decor. Or if you’re near a window, the windowsill can be used as a shelf itself.

If you’re not sure what will work best, we can also help you to build seating into your fitted storage unit.

Decide how to organise

Finally, you will need to consider how you want to organise your books. You might like to create an aesthetic display by organising by colour, or if you have a bigger collection you might be able to sort it into genres. You could also think about decorating your shelves with bookends, plant pots or other ornaments.

We hope that this blog has given you some ideas for organising your book collection. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re looking for fitted storage!