So, you’ve started your design for your fitted wardrobe! Or you’re just thinking about what you’d use it for? The good news is that we’ve got this little guide on how you can make the most of the interior of your fitted wardrobe!

Here are some things you should consider:

  1. Shelf Space
    It’s important to know how many shelves you might need in your fitted wardrobe, if any. Shelves are a great way to reduce clutter, especially if you usually hang large quantities of clothes. Having shelves in your fitted wardrobes mean you can fold up trousers, towels and other accessories without clogging up your rails with loads of hangers.
    We can also create slanted shelves designed to store shoes, meaning you will no longer have to rummage around the bottom of your wardrobe to find the other pair of those trainers!

  2. Lighting
    Picture this: it’s 5am in the morning, you’ve got an early start and the sun hasn’t even come up yet. Everyone’s still in bed, but you need to get up and get dressed. Most of the time, you’d have to navigate your room with your phone torch to get ready for work, but the benefit of having LED lights or downlights in your wardrobe is that you can get ready in your wardrobe space, without worrying about waking anyone up, especially if you share a room with someone. Wardrobes are usually dark spaces, too, so it means you can find clothes easily without having to search around too much.

  3. Various Storage Solutions
    Rails and shelving aren’t the only ways to style your wardrobe. If you’d prefer to hang jeans and trousers instead of folding them, you can opt for a trouser rack to be installed. We also have accessory drawers that are sectioned out, so you can neatly store belts, socks, watches and more.

  4. Rails
    We don’t just stock straight rails here at Made Bedrooms & Interiors. If you want a different look to your wardrobe, we have curved rails, so you can make more use of the space. We can also put double rails in one compartment of your wardrobe (depending on the height of your walls) so that you have two levels of clothing. It’s also useful if you’re sharing your wardrobe with someone else, meaning there are plenty of rails for yourself and the other person!

We hope we’ve given you some ideas for your fitted wardrobe design! If you have any queries about your wardrobe interiors or need any more help, we’d be delighted to assist you. Please call us 01536 697996 or email us at