When it comes to designing your new kitchen, there are a lot of things to consider. A kitchen is a place not only for cooking but for socialising and relaxing too. There is a lot to consider when designing the layout of your kitchen. Walkway width, appliance space and even decoration! Our guide will list some important tips for designing your new kitchen.


It is important to have a common theme or focal point in your kitchen design. Whether you choose to have colourful cabinets, unique door handles, or eye-catching backsplash tiles. These are all options to make your kitchen your own and give you the chance to complement these features with decorations and accessories!


If you have lots of spice jars or baking ingredients in your cupboard, then plan for keeping them neat and tidy! Have a fitted spice rack on the inside of your cabinet, or use dividers to keep your ingredients tidy. This will also stop your cabinets from getting any stains or crumbs!

Kitchen Island

Will your island be used as a preparation space or more of a socialising place? If you’ll be preparing food on it or using it as extra counter space, consider having a sink or including drawers on the island for extra storage. If you’d prefer to use your kitchen island as a space to entertain and socialise, install warm lighting above it and have a wine rack or cooler installed in the base.


Perhaps one of the most important tips to consider when planning a new kitchen is your appliances. If you have a large family, think about whether you need more than one oven. Most ovens/hobs come with either four or six cooking rings, but if you’re a bit of a connoisseur in the kitchen, you might want additional types such as a wok ring or a top-grill. As well as a kettle, you might also want a coffee machine that matches your kitchen’s colour scheme. If the kids like to snack after school, but you don’t want them going through the cupboards or near any hot appliances, consider a mini-fridge!

Skipping Steps

Imagine waking up first thing in the morning, you switch on the kettle, but then all of your mugs and teabags are in a cupboard on the other side of the kitchen! Have your mugs hanging or stored near the kettle/coffee maker, and all other ingredients such as coffee grounds, tea bags, sugar and teaspoons in one area of the kitchen. It might seem trivial, but you will thank yourself later when you’re half-awake and need a quick caffeine fix. Convenience is king!

Cut Cleaning Time

There are decisions you can make when it comes to the worktops, appliances and more that will make cleaning your kitchen so much easier. For example, under-mounted sinks won’t have a rim that will usually catch crumbs and dirt. Choose a fridge with glass shelves rather than wire shelves so that any spillage doesn’t go over any food underneath and instead can be wiped up instantly.

Counter Tops

Choosing your countertops is another thing to consider before going ahead with your kitchen design. Matte counters can be easier to clean than glossy ones, and won’t show any cleaning streak marks or dust. Choosing lighter colours rather than dark is also beneficial, as you will be able to see any crumbs or spillage easier. This will also make your kitchen look lighter, airy, and more spacious than dark counters and cabinets.

We hope some of these tips will guide you when designing your new kitchen! If you visit our showroom, we can also offer advice on how to get the best out of your design. If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to get in touch!